Did a Child Make The NFL Jersey You Gave to Your Child This Christmas?

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This is an except from an upcoming class.

We give our children gifts on the holidays and we cherish the smile on their faces when they are happy. But do we ever think where did this come from and who made it?

The NFL and Dallas Cowboys seem to make most of the merchandise they sell in other countries besides the USA. Made in Vietnam, Guatemala, Indonesia, China, Bangladesh, and the list goes on but nothing in the USA? Why is that?

They will tell you it is because of labor costs but really? They sell you a jersey for $100 that wholesale is $45 but since they are destroying other sellers and they are the seller the cost is closer to $20. So with $80 profit on a $100 jersey why can't they open up a few USA manufacturing plants?

It is due to labor costs. Their is no transparency and they manufacture under layers of contractors to shift liability. Are these jerseys being made by children? Are the workers being exploited?

Boycott Dallas Cowboys and Fanatics websites. Boycott all NFL product. Shop at your local fan shop. Support your local communities. Shop independent online sellers.

Please research any Fanatics, NFL, or Cowboys purchase. Most is imported, low quality, and over priced.