Are NFL Jerseys Too Expensive? Wholesale Cost Analysis

It is very easy to figure out the wholesale cost of NFL jerseys. Anything you see on Fanatics and their annoying slew of duplicate websites or, the wholesale cost is half or less.

A $75 OuterStuff Nike kids jersey costs the retailer $37.50. But Fanatics uses their monopoly power to buy a $75 jersey for about $30.

Seems a bit greedy.

Here are some examples. A $100 Cowboys jerseys, wholesale cost is $50 or less. Child OuterStuff Nike jerseys are $24 and they sell them at $55.

$32 T shirts are $16 or less. $36 hats from New Era another company that left the USA for China production are $16.

Infant kids jerseys are $19-$20 and they charge $45.

Now customers can see the incentive to destroy local fan shops. Fanatics flunkies at the NFLPA and NFL have passed new policies that are designed to exclude small family owned fan shops. This allows them to control pricing. This allows them to offer impersonal service while demanding very high profit.

We know greed motivates them but why do they have to go beyond stated penalty of account closure and file baseless lying complaints.

A small fan shop in Green Bay that has been selling Packers jerseys to local hard working Americans, maybe sometimes taking off a few dollars to help out a customer going thru hard times will be a thing of the past.

I have been in the clothing business for 40 years. All these jerseys are nothing but polyester blanks with screen print, made in Guatemala or China or Vietnam. They are nothing special. Just your standard imported polyester garment, made by low wage workers. $75 for youth jerseys and $150 for a stitched men's jersey is exorbitant. I predict after all competition is gone prices will increase 20%-70% on items. This is what happens when a monopoly infiltrates an industry.

We will discuss how companies do an initial public offering (IPO) and how executives make $$$millions and billions at a future date. It is fascinating how an IPO can create wealth the average American can only dream of. It encourages bad behavior.

Boycott Dallas Cowboys and Fanatics websites. Boycott all NFL product. Boycott OuterStuff. Shop at your local fan shop. Support your local communities. Shop independent online sellers.

Please research any Fanatics, NFL, OuterStuff, or Cowboys purchase. Most is imported, low quality, and over priced.