Did Laurence Raff from OuterStuff Destroy a Family's Christmas?

I spoke to a man named Laurence Raff at OuterStuff/Nike and he said the NFLPA told him I was selling jerseys on Amazon and to close my kids Nike account.

I accepted this. Then he stood by and watched the NFLPA go beyond the stated penalty of account closure and file baseless claims to get me in trouble with Amazon. He sat idly by watching my families Christmas get destroyed. He did nothing to stop it after profiting off my account for 13 years.

Albert Einstein said "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything". This is Laurence Raff. He stood by and did nothing watching the NFLPA destroy my family with baseless complaints and lies. All he had to do was close my nfl account, buy back merchandise, and tell them to back off.

This man had the audacity to say if I got to send back merchandise it would be a reward. A reward? Sending back merchandise that I bought from him and the NFLPA won't let me sell is rewarding me? I have no clue how he justifies his paycheck.

It is weak men like this that go thru life allowing bad things to happen to others.

Boycott Dallas Cowboys and Fanatics websites. Boycott all NFL product. Boycott all Nike kids NFL. Boycott OuterStuff. Shop at your local fan shop. Support your local communities. Shop independent online sellers.

Please research any Fanatics, NFL, OuterStuff or Cowboys purchase. Some is imported, low quality, earth destroying, skin irritating polyester and over priced.