How is Ted Feindt CFO at OuterStuff?

I have never spoken to this man. I did get a half sentence email from him asking me if the NFLPA sent me a letter. I responded no, I have never had contact with the NFLPA in 28 years. I'm simply a store owner that buys from OuterStuff wholesale and sells retail. Ted Feindt might be a nice guy but as CFO of OuterStuff he just stood by and watched as a long term customer and his family get destroyed by the NFLPA.

I never understood how guys like this make the big money and have the big house with fancy toys in the garage but they can't fix such a simple situation. They allow a small American business to get destroyed for lack of resolution skills.

In business school, future leaders are taught how to fix simple issues in 90 seconds or less. Sometimes even while sitting at a drive thru Starbucks.

If I was a CFO at a multi billion dollar conglomerate like OuterStuff my business's current situation would have been handled in those 90 seconds. I'm 8th in line at the drive thru and order my coffee, I glance at an email of the situation. A longtime customer's livelihood is being damaged by the NFLPA because he sold a few jerseys on Amazon.

I immediately call my sales manager. I tell them to take back all NFLPA merchandise and financially square up with our customer. After all, we were complicit and did profit off Amazon sales for years.

I email legal dept. to tell NFLPA we followed policy, customer is cut off and we are taking back NFLPA inventory. Tell NFLPA to back off our customer.

I then reach out to customer and say sorry we had to cut you off but lets explore other opportunities. Maybe you can help us sell non nfl closeouts that we usually give to the big box discounters for pennies on the dollar.

Thank you for the coffee. Have a nice day. Gone in 90 seconds.

It's never too late to be a gentleman and do the right thing. Make true Americans proud. Fix this situation. Take back all NFLPA merchandise and get the NFLPA and Dallas Cowboys to retract their baseless complaints.

Please don't be another Fanatics sell out assisting them in their quest for world domination. Lack of competition always hurts the consumer. The licensed sports business was built by hard working small fan shops that went out of their way to help customers .

All Fanatics offers is the same boring website duplicated hundreds of times all with the same annoying pop ups and gimmick sale. It is horrible for the consumer to have lack of choices.

Boycott Dallas Cowboys and Fanatics websites. Boycott all NFL product. Boycott all Nike kids NFL. Boycott OuterStuff. Shop at your local fan shop. Support your local communities. Shop independent online sellers.

Please research any Fanatics, NFL, OuterStuff or Cowboys purchase. Some is imported, low quality, earth destroying, skin irritating polyester and over priced.