Will the Dallas Cowboys and NFLPA Ever Hurt Your Children?

The Dallas Cowboys and the NFLPA are attempting to destroy our family thru a technique known as trademark bullying.

You have to wonder my family today, maybe yours tomorrow? Maybe one day your child has a business and does something the Cowboys and NFLPA don't like such as sell a junk, imported, licensed Cowboys $2.99 key chain on Amazon or Ebay. Will they destroy your child? Will they attempt to drive them into bankruptcy? It makes you wonder. When do they stop bullying? When do they exhibit a sense of decency. Will your children ever be safe from corporate bullies?

In our upcoming classes we will discuss the ramifications of corporate harassment on honest citizens.

Boycott Dallas Cowboys and Fanatics websites. Boycott all NFL product. Shop at your local fan shop. Support your local communities. Shop independent online sellers.

Please research any Fanatics, NFL, or Cowboys purchase. Most is imported, low quality, and over priced.