Customized Jersey Information

Customization Update Holiday 2021. We had a nice 20 year run offering customized jerseys. We were always the middleman and dealt with 3 excellent sewing companies.

The last few years this has become a very hard business. Customization only works if it is done in house. We are now sending customers directly to the sewing company.

You can also buy the NHL jersey from us and have it shipped to the sewing company, then the sewing company ships back to you. This reduces 1 leg of travel time and expense.

For more info and pricing, please contact Maria at:

Due to covid issues, exorbitant shipping expenses, delivery delays, and complexity of NHL customization styles; It is now beneficial for our customers to deal directly with customization companies.

This should shorten delivery times and allow you to communicate your needs directly.

Customized jerseys have become an art. It is extremely detailed work and dealing direct will benefit our customers.

For more info and pricing, please contact Maria at:

Many customers are having us ship jerseys directly to Action Spot Sports in Buffalo for customization. Please contact Maria at: for more information.

Thank You