Dallas Cowboys-The World Is In Chaos, Please Retract Your Lies

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book "Sports Retail Insider, ethical lessons for today's retailer. Sometimes you just have to beg the powerful that think they control us for mercy.

Everything is true and verifiable. I'm working on posting all emails and documentation.

I supported the Dallas Cowboys and NFL for 30 years as a retailer and a fan. I was a direct Dallas Cowboys wholesale account for 14 years. I was a good account and always paid my invoices. I have owned stores, sold online since 1998 and on Amazon for the past 5 years.

The NFL and MLB knew I was selling on Amazon in 2016.

The Cowboys licensing manager Amon Simmons knew I was on Amazon since Oct. 13, 2017. Your merchandising manager Chris Benjamin knew I was on Amazon. From Oct. 2017, to Sept. 2018, the Cowboys continued to ship me over $200,000 in merchandise.

Since Amon Simmons and Chris Benjamin knew I was on Amazon, I learned the Cowboys violated their own policies and the policies of the NFL and NFLPA by knowingly selling to multiple Amazon sellers.

On Aug. 22, 2018, I spoke to Amon Simmons from the Cowboys for the first time ever. He told me to take Cowboys jerseys off Amazon or my account with the Cowboys was to be closed. I asked for an exemption, I asked to return merchandise that they have been shipping me all summer, I asked if I could sell out and pay off invoices. There was no guidance, just threats of harming my Amazon account. I could tell the Cowboys plan to eliminate Amazon sellers was not well thought out. It was amateur hour.

On Sept. 4th and Sept. 25th, and Oct. 5th the Dallas Cowboys flooded Amazon with counterfeit complaints against me even though I bought the jerseys direct from you.

On. Oct. 19th, 2018, I was suspended for 25 days from Amazon. The Cowboys caused me severe emotional, physical, and financial damage. I have not sold any Cowboys jerseys on Amazon since your tantrum in Oct. of 2018. They are sitting in boxes waiting for you to take them back. It's been 24 months. What kind of clown show is your licensing and merchandising dept. running? Also please check your account receivables. There were other Dallas Cowboys accounts selling on Amazon that were not the victims of your "forced removal tactics" as they owed too much money.

You achieved your goal. You hurt me because I disobeyed your order to remove Dallas Cowboys jerseys from Amazon. The fact that you sold me the jerseys and you profited from Amazon sales means nothing to you. The fact that your men Amon Simmons and Chris Benjamin knew I was on Amazon means nothing to you. The fact that they violated the NFL and NFLPA policies regarding selling to Amazon retailers means nothing to you. Where is your sense of pride and dignity? Why is your honesty no where to be found in this matter. Is this why the Cowboys can't win on field? Why such a lack of decency?

The world is in chaos. People are dying. We need to join together. I am openly begging the Dallas Cowboys to abandon their petty revenge tactics. Do the right thing. Anger is like a hot stone. The more you hold onto it the more you will get burned. Let go of your anger. A wave of relief might resonate thru your licensing department and maybe you will win a playoff game.

There are hardly any Dallas Cowboys retailers left online that you or Fanatics.com don't control. As we witness the downfall of the American shopping mall you finally got your wish. The Dallas Cowboys and Fanatics.com will have very limited competition. You can charge as much as you want for your imported jerseys. BTW - Why make Salute to Service NFL merchandise in Vietnam and Guatemala? Show some respect towards the American military. At least make Salute to Service NFL merchandise in the USA.

Please Dallas Cowboys. I am pleading with you to retract your lies. It's been 24 months, please resolve this issue. Thank You.

Dallas Cowboys threatening letter August, 2018. This is not a well thought out policy and it asks retailers to snitch on other retailers. Very unprofessional.