Is Amon Simmons Licensing Manager of the Cowboys Driven by Conspiracy to Destroy American Businesses?

The Dallas Cowboys have resorted to lies and trademark bullying to get us kicked off Amazon last October. They are the most unethical liars I have ever dealt with in 40 years in business.

The only person I spoke to at the Cowboys was Amon Simmons. As licensing manager of the Cowboys he either instituted this conspiracy or stood by and watched it happen.

He could have cut off our account or bought back Cowboys merchandise. Instead he allowed false complaints to be filed against us, while reaping the rewards of selling us merchandise.

I don't know this man. He seemed nice on the phone. So what is driving him to assist in destroying a minority owned American business. Is it personal or is he acting on orders from Fanatics and the NFLPA? Or is it simply he is afraid of his bosses and has to tow the line. Or is he justifying his paycheck by destroying mom and pop businesses. Whatever the reason we can't get a response as to why they resorted to lies. We can't get them to retract their false complaints, and they refuse to take back their merchandise.

Let your children know when they grow up and attempt to live honest lives filled with pride and integrity to be aware that there are evil people in the world. People that will stand by or assist in their destruction. Teach your children to be kind and ethical.

Do the right thing. Don't stand by while your customer for over 14 years gets destroyed. Retract the lies. It is never to late to repent.

Boycott Dallas Cowboys and Fanatics websites. Boycott all NFL product. Boycott all Nike kids NFL. Boycott OuterStuff. Shop at your local fan shop. Support your local communities. Shop independent online sellers.

Please research any Fanatics, NFL, OuterStuff or Cowboys purchase. Some is imported, low quality, earth destroying, skin irritating polyester and over priced.