Kittredge & Associates-Please Help Your Former Customer That You Stood By and Watch Get Destroyed

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book "Sports Retail Insider, ethics lessons for today's retailer.

Kittredge & Associates according to their website represent the top brands in the athletic, outdoor and footwear industry. They also represent the Dallas Cowboys.

My sales rep Bill Chase worked for Kittredge & Associates when the Dallas Cowboys tried to destroy my business and family.

Kittredge & Associates. We are in the middle of a pandemic. It is time to do the right thing and stand up for your past customer that the Dallas Cowboys tried to destroy.

I bought Dallas Cowboys jerseys from your sales rep, that you made money on, and were shipped directly from the Dallas Cowboys.

On Sept. 4th, 2018, and Oct. 5th, 2018 the Dallas Cowboys said these jerseys they shipped me were counterfeit. On Oct. 19th, 2018 I was suspended from Amazon for 25 days causing me substantial emotional and physical pain along with severe financial loss.

I know it sounds bizarre that the Cowboys did this but they were hellbent to hurt Amazon sellers. It was the most unethical, disgusting act I have ever seen perpetrated on a small American business and by "Americas Team, the Cowboys.

On Oct. 13, 2017 Amon Simmons the licensing manager of the Dallas Cowboys absolutely knew I sold on Amazon. For almost a year they continued to ship me $200,000 in jerseys. You made money on these jerseys.

As the sales group that handles Dallas Cowboys merchandise you had to know what was going on. I couldn't have been the only account this was happening to. Ask your Maryland rep. I know other Amazon sellers that might not have been closed because they owed the Cowboys too much money.

Kittredge & Associates- Why did you turn a blind eye to what the Cowboys were doing to me and maybe other sellers. You knew it was wrong. You knew they were liars. Why weren't you man enough to stand up for your customer? Were you afraid of the Cowboys? It's not the American way. In these difficult times with our fellow citizens suffering enormous hardship you have an opportunity to repent and do the right thing. Help a fellow American that you made money off of.