Kittredge Associates-Will You Stand Up For My Small Business During Covid-19 ?

This is a bizarre story of destruction, lies, and deceit. I was not aware people like this existed until I was a victim. I believe the worst trait a person can have is being a liar.

Hello, we both know Kittredge & Associates is the sales agency for the Dallas Cowboys. Bill Chase was my sales rep.

I was a direct Dallas Cowboys account for 14 years.

Amons Simmons, the licensing manager of the Dallas Cowboys absolutely knew I was on Amazon since Oct. 13, 2017.

From Oct, 2017, thru Sept 2018 the Cowboys shipped me over $200,000 in merchandise that Kittredge made money on. I was your customer and things were good.

When the Cowboys decided no more Amazon sales it was a 5 minute fix. Amon Simmons and the Cowboys could have closed my account which was their official policy and either taken back merchandise or let me sell out and square up. I could tell their actions were not well thought out and not properly executed. It was quite amateurish.

Instead the Cowboys chose a path of destruction and lies. The Dallas Cowboys told Amazon that the jerseys I bought thru Kittredge, that Kittredge made money on, that the Cowboys shipped to me, were counterfeit.

I was suspended from Amazon for 25 days. I begged and pleaded with the Cowboys for a retraction. I got no response. My life was turned upside down. I was terrified that the Dallas Cowboys were trying to destroy me. I told the Cowboys their jerseys were off Amazon. I had other items to sell and to please retract your lies. I have to live. They didn't care that my family was being destroyed.

I did not know at the time but it was the Cowboys that violated their own policies and the policies of the NFL and NFLPA by knowingly selling jerseys to Amazon sellers.

I suffered emotional, physical, and great financial damage. I wanted out of sports. It's a dead end business for everybody now that the monopoly has taken hold.

Unlike selling imported, made in Vietnam and Guatemala, Dallas Cowboys polyester jerseys, I was transitioning to a new business. Baby organic cotton clothing, made in the USA with my nature designs. However, the risk going forward was too high with the false counterfeit complaints on my Amazon account.

Why did Kittredge & Associates do nothing, while your customer was being destroyed? Why didn't you step in and tell the Cowboys, "we stopped selling this account, please leave them alone". What were you afraid of? Is this how you treat all your customers or was I singled out? Was I expendable? Was the decency and reputation of Kittredge & Associates put at risk to appease the Dallas Cowboys?

In this day of Covid-19 horrors, watching our loved ones get sick or worse, watching our country isolated, why do I still have to endure baseless, lying accusations about being a counterfeiter? Why weren't the lies retracted? Why do I still have $23,000 in jerseys taking up storage space? Why can't my Amazon account be free of lies so I can pursue selling other items that might help people in these difficult times.

Please be a stand up, American business and help another American business in these times of need. Please help to resolve this atrocity. It is never to late to do the right thing. Thank You.