Mr. Jones & Family Please Help My Family Resolve An Issue With the Dallas Cowboys

Hello, please help me resolve a situation that has been ongoing for 36 months. I will keep it brief. Everything is true and verifiable.

I supported the Dallas Cowboys for 30 years as a retailer and a fan. I was a direct Dallas Cowboys wholesale account for many years. I was a good account and always paid my invoices.

I have owned stores, sold online since 1998 and on Amazon for the past 5 years.

The NFL and MLB knew I was on Amazon in 2016. Amon Simmons licensing manager of the Cowboys knew I was on Amazon since Oct. 13, 2017.

In Aug. of 2018 I was told by way of a threatening policy letter that Amazon sales were not allowed and you had 24 hours to remove listings or be faced with a forced removal harming your Amazon account.

I thought it was a mistake as Amon knew I was on Amazon and the Cowboys were shipping me $10,000's of jerseys all summer long . I was gearing up for my best season ever with Cowboys gear.

I spoke to Amon Simmons on Aug. 22. He said he was going to close my account. I asked for an exemption and he said no. I asked him to ask upper management. I asked if merchandise could be returned, I asked if I could sell out the merchandise and part like gentlemen. Everything fell on deaf ears with no resolution. I could tell this new policy was not well thought out.

With no guidance or further contact from anyone at the Cowboys my plan was to sell out, pay off invoices, and be done with Cowboys merchandise. It was a good run.

Then on Sept. 4th, 2018 the Cowboys flooded Amazon with counterfeit complaints against merchandise I bought from them. I was floored. I couldn't believe what was happening. I emailed everyone I knew at Cowboys including my sales rep. No one responded. It is horrible business practices.

Then a week later the Cowboys shipped me $30,000 in jerseys. I was confused and felt trapped.

On Oct 3rd, 2018 Amazon reinstated my Cowboys listings after they reviewed the invoices I provided showing I buy direct.

On Sept. 25th and Oct 5th, 2018 the Cowboys again bombarded Amazon with new counterfeit complaints against me. I again emailed everyone begging for a retraction to no avail.

On Oct 19th, 2018 Amazon suspended my account. I had to retain legal counsel and 25 days later luckily I was reinstated.

I suffered mentally, physically, and financially. Our lives were a wreck. I had a warehouse full of merchandise besides Cowboys. If we were not reinstated by Amazon prior to Christmas my family was facing certain severe financial hardship.

This was an easy 5 minute fix. All Amon needed to do was what the policy said. Close my account. Then either take back the jerseys or let me sell out. Whats the big deal? Now 18 months later I'm still dealing with this in the mist of a national pandemic. I'm caring for my 88 yr old dad and your team refuses to resolve this matter. It's been nothing but delays and a runaround for months and months.

If you can, please research and help me get a resolution. Thank You.

Dallas Cowboys threatening letter August, 2018. This is not a well thought out policy and it asks retailers to snitch on other retailers. Very unprofessional.

PS... i think ethics and decency in the front offices translate to success on the field. The employees that handled this situation were not very sharp. They didn't look long term. If you can please investigate why they targeted me. Was it because I paid my invoices? I heard other sellers were not destroyed like me because they owed the Cowboys way too much money. Look at the accounts receivable. I got a feeling you will be amazed. Your sales team wasted a lot of resources. This was a 5 minute fix. Time to clean house or retrain some people. If not it could jinx next seasons games.